Economic Development Corporation

Meetings (As Needed)

  • Third Thursdays at noon in Council Chambers at 311 E. Main St.

Agendas & Minutes

Current agendas and minutes can be found here.


  • Robert Breedlove
  • Maria Devenport
  • Ernest LaFlure
  • Jerri Akins
  • John Chambers
  • Charles Parker
  • Tom Trimble

About Us

The Whitehouse Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is a Type B-Non-Profit organization for the City of Whitehouse. The EDC consists of seven members appointed by City Council and serve 2 year terms. View our Community Profile.

An Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is a non-profit  organization whose mission is to promote economic development within a specific geographical area.  Chapters 501, 504 & 505 of the Texas Local Government Code define the types of EDCs, authorize the adoption of the sales tax to fund the EDC and defines the type of projects EDCs are authorized to do.  The City of Whitehouse Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) as a Type B Economic Development Corporation has the ability to enter into 380 agreements with entities to finance new and expanded business enterprises through sales tax revenue.   The types of projects allowable for a Type B corporation are business infrastructure, manufacturing, research & development, job training classes and public transportation as well as parks, museums, sports facilities and affordable housing.  

The Texas Comptroller’s office is tasked with creating and making accessible an online database of economic development agreements.  Whitehouse’s agreements can be found by following this link.