2021 Community Survey

The City of Whitehouse is excited to announce we are conducting a community-wide survey. We hope this will give residents the opportunity to provide feedback on their general perceptions of the quality of life in Whitehouse; to evaluate city programs, services, government performance; and to identify projects or issues facing the City.  It is the city of Whitehouse’s goal to grow public engagement, increase transparency, establish a baseline of public opinion, and acquire data to inform decisions about resource deployment.

To better understand the needs of the community the City of Whitehouse is asking people who live in Whitehouse to complete a short survey. The survey allows community members to have a direct opportunity to voice their opinions to the City Council. This survey is being conducted to help improve the cities’ ability to recognize areas of improvement.

The survey includes questions about community needs; what the community thinks about the city’s efficacy as well as demographic data. Results of the survey will be presented to the city council and this information can hopefully provide a driving force for the city in the direction its citizen’s desire.

All Whitehouse residents are invited to complete the online survey. All responses will be strictly anonymous and no identifiable information will be collected. The survey will be available on the city’s social medias, as well as the cities website. Additionally, those currently signed up for the weekly Whitehouse digital newsletter can expect to be emailed a link to the survey.

Thank you for your time.

Take the 2021 Community-Wide Survey